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Transport of Medicines

Transport of Medicines

Transport of Medicines

Transport of Medicines

Our experience in transporting perishable goods, urged us to get involved in the pharmaceutical and medical transport too.

Our new service in international transports consists of the integrated management and delivery of pharmaceutical and medical goods from the warehouse or factory to the final distributor in Europe.

Having fully understood the importance and the need for special treatment of this type of transport, both relative to the strict delivery schedules and to the nature of these products and their specific characteristics, we, for that reason, are certified by the approved German Agency Pharmaserv.

The service includes:

  • Collection from the warehouse or factory 
  • Controlled temperature 
  • Monitoring temperature control 
  • Organized departures and traditions
  • Recording temperature of medication upon delivery.
  • Full Traceability Ability
  • Delivery times according to strict timetable

Pagidas Trans specializes in transport full and partial loads, transportation of dangerous goods ADR, carriage-controlled load temperature, transport of medicines, storage and customs clearance.




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