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Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance

Our customs agents know the tricks of the trade, so that your cross-border deliveries of goods will take place quickly - for import or export.

All papers which you need to for clearance may be drafted or obtained by us upon request, e. g., EUR1, T1, T2, export declarations etc. We will also handle import customs clearance for you (for free circulation).


Maybe you are not familiar with the whole set of expenses and problems or the time required for customs clearance, as in the following examples:

  • Your customs procedures are only superficially integrated into the company's workflow organisation and available IT structures
  • You have problems dealing with a huge number of forms and the constant updating and implementation of customs regulations
  • You need software and hardware for customs clearance

Participation in the NCTS procedure requires owners to be authorised for simplified procedures (authorised consignors/consignees). Such authorisation must also meet the requirements of the ATLAS member submission.

At Pagidas Trans we use the accredited ATLAS programme to solve all your customs problems.

Trained staff, quick and reliable processing of your orders and good connections to the customs agencies are the advantages that we offer to your company. 

The advantages of having Pagidas Trans handle procedures are certainly of great interest to you.

  • Accounting per order (no financial risk)
  • Attractive discount prices for larger order volumes
  • Adaptable departure times (round-the-clock)
  • Reduction of staff requirements
  • No investments for certified ATLAS software

Pagidas Trans specializes in transport full and partial loads, transportation of dangerous goods ADR, carriage-controlled load temperature, transport of medicines, storage and customs clearance.




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